Recap - End of season 2019

The national races are over, together with that there also comes an end to a busy summer, therefore a quick recap of the past months

The favorite this summer was the young hen Asterix (BE6035039-19). This hen has flown 4 flights of the longer middle distance. With the results she achieved, she became the best all-round pigeon in the loft.

This honors list also gives her the title of 20th Ace Pigeon out of 3 prizes, and 10th Ace Pigeon out of 4.

Asterix (BE6035039-19)

Asterix (BE6035039-19)mpm #pigeonsPlaceCoëfficiënt
Bourges II (03.08.2019)
1114.925 NAT 28.4463181.1179
SPE/PE 4.628 962.0743
Zone B18.480 1121.3208
Club (Houtvenne)551 132.3593
Châteauroux II (10.08.2019)
1858.997NAT 22.476 5472.4337
SPE/PE 3.789 2606.862
Zone B16.671 2033.043
Club (Houtvenne)410 163.9024
Argenton II (24.08.2019)
1253.621NAT 23.258 510.2193
SPE/PE 3.392 40.1179
Zone B16.657 90.1352
Club (Houtvenne)302 20.6623
Châteauroux III (06.09.2019)
1326.979 NAT 19.529 1.2316.3034
SPE/PE 4.441 67815.2668
Zone B16.161 5428.7973
Club (Houtvenne)404 5313.1188

In addition, there are a few pigeons that have achieved great individual performances.

"Het 001" (BE6035001-19)

“Het 001” (BE6035001-19) is a young hen with a very good performance on Argenton II.

“Het 001” (BE6035001-19)mpm #pigeonsPlaceCoëfficiënt
Argenton II (24.08.2019)
1257.574NAT 23.258360.1548
SPE/PE 3.39230.0884
Zone B16.65760.0901
Club (Houtvenne)30210.3311

Rainbow (BE6061091-18) is

Rainbow (BE6061091-18) is a yearling cock with some great performances in the great middle distance.

Rainbow (BE6061091-18) mpm #pigeonsPlaceCoëfficiënt
Argenton I (22.06.2019)
1257.574Club (Houtvenne)1682213.0952
Issoudun (21.07.2019)
1375.898 NAT 11.46540.0349
SPE/PE 1.75740.2277
Zone 3.94240.1015
Club (Houtvenne)12710.7874
Châteauroux II (10.08.2019)
1843.156Club (Houtvenne)110109.0909

Ferrari-617 (BE6050617-17)

And last but not least we have an old cock Ferrari-617 (BE6050617-17)

Ferrari-617 (BE6050617-17)mpm #pigeonsPlaceCoëfficiënt
Issoudun (21.07.2019)
1352.840NAT 8.248150.1819
Club (Houtvenne)6434.6875

We look back with satisfaction on a successful season and hope to be able to match this next year.

A “Tour of Belgium” will be played in the local association from mid-September. This is a race with a unique system. The pigeons can be released from the four directions. There are 8 places from which unloading takes place. Two from every wind direction. You can only play once from a specific location.

Every Friday evening the pigeons are basketed, after this basketing there will be a draw where it will be announced from which direction the pigeons will be released for that respective race.

This race lasts 4 weeks, so basketting 4 times and flying 4 times. The flights vary from 70 to 180 km.

The vitesse flights are still in full swing, and these will continue until the end of October. For the fanciers who have played the national races, the season is over … the moulting can begin and the lofts get a thorough maintenance. More about that soon! 😉

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